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Now if you want a chance to get a glance at our old king as he passes.

Be sure to watch your step or you can bet that you'll be trampled by the masses.

Fighting for the right to their own sight in a world filled with classes.

And the steady stream would seem to mean that all the people dug his highness.  [Tell me more]

(6 times )

Now this king was said to bring so many gifts of many things to the city.

What a pity that his thoughts were always directed on only that which he could buy.

Always one coin and another always enough to smother any other friendships.

Told he the people that others riches were the only thing that made them poor.  [Made them poor]

(6 times )

Need a little cash I see that everything is need a little cash to me.

Now won't you come, and won't you fight those bad old men that make their measly cash at night.

Oh the nerve, the nerve it's time to grieve soon they'll make you pay before you leave.

Oh help me out dear Lord the things that I need most are the things I can afford.  [Can afford]

(6 times )

Oh we were born, in another, sort of world, or so it seems,

That doesn't care, about another, helpless man, or hopeless dream.

(4 times )

Oh love it stands inside my heart, not apart.  From dreams of always seeing space, [an empty sort of place.]  repeat

Oh truth it's been a rocky road, can't carry the load.  In the sight of the darkest, stormy night, an endless search for light, begin your search tonight.

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