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An angel's loving you, and oh sweet gal me too.


Well I was born in 52 a marine's only son.
Kissin' wives all over town, and hittin' everyone.
He told my mom they're through, in 1962.


Well I told lies and heaven knows, my mother worked real hard.
To keep me wise a straight path goes, with footsteps it ain't marred.
Drugs in my bloodstream, don't know what they mean.


Now it seems so long ago, that I took me a wife.
Worked out for a couple years, instead of my whole life.
She told me we were through, in 1972.


Not too long after that, I settled down again.
With a controversial bride, my very next of kin.
By marriage as it were, she was just my stepsister.


Well that one lasted eight long years, but there's something you should know.
From those three kids I do swear, I sure did hate to go.
She told me we were through, in 1982.


It's going on a couple years, since you've been my best friend.
There's nothing in my life as dear, this love ain't gonna end.
How can I be sure, does a kitten purr?


Now I'd like to propose, that you become my wife.
And I'll become your husband too, and live with you for life.
Will you marry me, and become number three?
And become number three?


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