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Why must we realize, things that are known.
If it's convenient, they will be shown.
All situations, are handled with time.
Seems we must always, come from behind.
For the weak in the mind, don't know where they stand.

I have no patience, with a man that will act.
Like he is a friend, then stab at your back.
And curse at your mother, for giving you life.
Until there is nothing, left but the knife
Defending your life, is not a sin.


Can't he ever see,
I'm a man flesh and blood is me.
In a land,
That we both call home.
He is not alone,
In this world.


Be right, both of us thinking how good it would be.
To be right, so much time spent thinking.


Why fight, I know he's got nothing better to do.
Than fight, so much time wasted fighting.
Fighting (3 times )


I've got a message, to give to the man.
Who lives next door to, a rock and roll fan.
If he can't see his, way clear to breath.
The same air I do, then he may leave.
And shove his beliefs, up his family tree.

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