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About my notions, I want to say

If I could ever see my way

Clear to be


A man that stands, on solid ground

Looking out as obstacles abound

In my way


Apart from having what I need

I know that others call it greed

So they say


While hearts are sitting on the wall

Amounts to nothing if they fall

Down to me


I guess

S-all right

Peakin’ round the corner

Wondering if the knot is holding tight-

My guess

Takes flight

Slippin’ round the corner

Run into the middle of the night-


My plight

Hiding round the corner

Hoping that I’m doing what is right- (Chorus )


An open mind is closing fast

While the embolden dye is cast

Here to stay


The wounded witness shall prevail

Across the sea of time sets sail

Close the door






When everything is said and done

We realize we’ve just begun

It’s not fair


To be a part of all we must

But whose opinions can we trust

Live to pray                                       




(G. Solo Ending)

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