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Star bright, the last star I see tonight

I wish I may, I wish I might, spend my life with you.


With no love, I know I cannot rise above

When the push will turn to shove, I’ll say I never knew.


About your light is what I sing

Planet Earth behold your king.

Even when there’re clouds above

They cannot hide this kind of love


Star bright, though your view is out-a-sight

All that you can see is right, there before your eyes.




Your light, takes away the darkest night

So that I can win the fight, the victory realize.


Even though you’re far away.

I know you hear each word I say.

Though it seems we’re far apart

I know you’re right there in my heart.


Star bright, someday I will take to flight.

Ascend upon your beams of light, singing a new song.


Until then, I’ll break the rules I cannot bend.

My inconsistent ways amend, and try to get along

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