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Every night, he longs for something

better than, he hoped to wish for.

All the time he knows there’s nothing left for him, to do.(Chorus)

Didn’t let him walk into town.

Didn’t let him know what’s the score.

He was being knocked to the ground.

He shouldn’t ask what for.

Oh let the anger show,

The kinda things that you have been told, that aren’t true.

Wouldn’t let him be with his friends.

Wouldn’t give him something to eat.

With no chance to make amends,

As he was getting beat.

Didn’t let him go,

Until there’s nothing left of the old, or the new.


He dreams of love like the gate to heaven.

Open for all who choose to believe.

All alone in his room once again,

Someday he’ll never leave.

There’s no one he can tell,

Except the bird that’s landed on, his window sill.

There’s a place that has several old trees.

The most beautiful manicured lawns.

Pretty flowers sway in the breeze.

From evening until dawn.

There’s nothing he can do,

He leaves no forwarding address, or lingering grace.

There is no way to heal,

A mortal wound that is bleeding, all over the place.


Listen, listen, oh his heart is calling

For all the pain that he must sustain to be through.

Listen, listen, on his knees he’s crawling

We’re all the same but he’s not to blame it is true.

Listen, listen, there’s an angel falling

Laying a claim to some mortal name might be you.


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