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Who’s ever worthless, has got to go.

Who’s ever worthless, has tricks to show.

To all the heathen lying in bed,

About retrieving all of those thoughts within the head.


Let’s not act stupid; we know what we’ve done,

Got shot by the cupid that carries a gun.

With stones in our pockets, it’s harder to leave,

Good thing for the rockets we’ve got up our sleeve.


Who’s ever useless, pick up your cross.

Who’s ever useless, count all as loss.

With every reference that we obtain

Is just our preference, from which we cannot but abstain.


It’s all around scary, a life that is fake,

As oversight buries the ground that we break.

When tables are turning, the seating is sad.

It’s all about learning to miss what we had.


Who’s ever clueless, brings up the rear.

Who’s ever clueless, orchestrates fear.

With all the journeys we have begun,

The best we can do is just to get around the sun.


When giving out orders, we tend to be loud,

While crossing the boarders, from humble to proud.

The proper prospective, for any good deed,

A common objective eliminates greed.


Who’s ever fearless, takes all the heat.

Who’s ever fearless, dangers will meet.

In every instance when ass is kissed,

Could be insistence, backed up by throwing of a fist.


No taking of prisoners, or shaking of hands,

When running with scissors, are the only plans.

Because what’s involved in, us getting our way,

Are problems to solve, that’s all I can say.

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