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It's very good knowing that the best things in this world are free, but they're like water in your hand.

Slippin' away down through the cracks between your fingers, the tighter you squeeze the less you have.

The kid was a fighter, who gave up the ring,

To seek a future brighter, a different song to sing.

Thought it was unfair, being a big wheel,

Prefer to be somewhere, that's real.

There's always something that seems to draw us back through memories, lost in a wilderness of yesterday.

Wishing for youth with all the wisdom of the elderly, our greatest enemy is time.

The girl was a dancer, who gave up her shoes,

To search for an answer, she had no time to loose.

Leaping through the air, could be a mistake,

An ankle thin and bare, might break.


Do-Do-Do  Voice Solo


How we spend our fortunes, and how we use our time

Don't come in equal portions, and never seem to rhyme.


Never seem to rhyme, always seem to be out of time.

Funny, never enough money, always seems to be hard to find.

Find-always hard to find-always hard to find-always hard to find.


They're giving up the gold, and turning towards the door,

Being bought and sold, isn't what we're for.

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