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Golden strings,

Angel's wings

Seems to sound like something,

From a star.

But in time,

Becomes a crime

How they'd love to see the,

Faithful starve.

If only people,

Could get to know,

That the way they come,

Is the same way they go.

The same way they go.


A second chance

Is what they say.

It is a lie

There is just today.

There is just today.


No-No, No-No

No, No-No-NO


We share in a one way, day before we get it, earth goal.

With all of our trying, we dig ourselves into a deeper hole.2times

We dig ourselves a deeper hole. (4 times ) a hole (3 times )


Push and shove, the dinosaur when I count three.

What is love, but friendship in the first degree.

I had hoped, we’d all be there, yes you and me.

What a joke, to think that it could ever be.

Say good-bye, the dinosaur is not naïve.

There’s a lie, he’s going to tell that you’ll believe.

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