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Listen, listen carefully my sweet moon.

Without you, without you I cannot stay in tune.

I wander, wander up into the high hills,

To follow your trail,

While across,

The sky you sail.


And you listen, listen faithfully my sweet moon.

Without you, without you my skies all fill with gloom.

And gloom is clouds and clouds are dark skies of pain,

And blatant fear,

That remain,

Until the clear.


And your glistening, glistening light shines down to honor me.

With purpose, purpose in the first degree.

Then take me to the only right place and taste,

Eternal light,

A sky,

Where all is right.


And we christen, christen the new moon with old dreams.

And sail away across the sky on light of moonbeams.


Light moonbeams. (6 times )


Oh sail away, across the sky, on light moonbeams.

And right away, reality, becomes your dreams. (2 times )

Becomes your dreams.

Becomes your dreams.

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