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We got it wrong, we got it wrong alright, running along,

flyin’ a windless kite.


How could I ever go wrong?

Taking his time is my partner

Hiding it inside a song

Crossing my path on the border.

Why is this taking so long?

Filling a very tall order

Everyone I know is gone.


He said, you should, be drinking it all the way down.

My head, has gone, and mistaken me for a clown.

Very convincingly, looking inside of the sound. (chorus)


Taking our brains for a walk

Searching for everyone’s treasure.

Basically words are all talk

Handing out hope is a pleasure.

Throwing a dog at a rock

Tying up time for good measure

Keys have a way with the lock.




We’re shootin’ for the prize, that you can see with eyes closed.

Walking in paradise, because the good advise knows.

Giving up every vice, just like a cube of ice froze.

Getting into the line, that’s waiting for free.


Taking our brains for a walk…



Inside of the sound, inside of the sound, inside of the sound, We’re keepin’ it cool. (3 times)

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