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Wrote a letter last night, tried to say it just right.

Dearest Jan I've been trying to remember the spark that touched off the flame.

Trying to think of the good times though bad times are all that seem to remain.

Thinking bout the reasons why, thinking bout a tear soaked eye,

Thinking bout the games we played, thinking bout the love we made.

There's no way, you can say, we've done our best.

I remember your face, while you packed your suitcase.

One wrong word in a good conversation is all that we need to get hacked.

Turning into a bad situation is more than a-matter-of-fact.

Wondering where we went wrong, wondering how to end this song,

Wondering if we're both enslaved, by a love that could be saved.

With the truth, turn it loose, give us a chance.

All alone with our pride, a place for feelings to hide.

How I wish I could turn back the clock, and correct the mistakes that I've made.

But it couldn't make all that much difference for love's not a thing you persuade.

Wishing we were in our home, wishing you were on the phone,

Wishing I could find my way, back into your heart to stay.

For all time, I know I'm, In love with you.

Well there's nothing else to do, but wait to hear from you.

And think about a friend, I might not see again.

If I'm not your man it's because,

I never had just what it would take.

To live up to your hopes and your dreams,

To realize just what was at stake, or so it seems.

Living up to what we can be,

Is not always what we're here for.

I never thought I ever would see,

You walk away and never come back, through that door.

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