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The price, that we could not pay, not nice, I'm ashamed to say

All the ways I thought I'd feel this

Day I was gonna

Forget all my debts

And pay all my bills

But what do you bet I get nailed

By the same old business man and

Jailed for the crime

Of inventing a reason

That could lead to trouble

If it becomes treason to say

All the things you could have got

Away with if you'd have been

On a planet where

No one will do you in

And no one wants you to fail


I trust, an eternal plan, you just, imagine if you can, please

All the things that bring us to our

Knees when there's trouble

And no one's forgiven

The taxes go double

But some people living believe

There's a place where all of us can

Bathe in the water

That flows on forever

With our Holy Father

We'll all come together and sing

Through the universe our praise will

Ring out a song

Of joy peace and gladness

Say it won't be long

Till there's no more sadness or pain


Grow old, do the best you can, behold, the eternal plan

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