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Defend the point of view, that shoes to walk in take.

A path that is brand new, impossible to fake.

The eating of the cake, have it too.


Suppose, the living that’s to do, is really for the best.

Because for those of you, who sacrifice the rest

And second guess the blues, pass the test.

While turning pages in a book, the fingers do rely,

On eyes that take a look, but can’t afford to cry

The tears that they forsook, wonder why.

The years are bound by memories, of dreams we share and hope

Of lasting melodies, depends on every note.

To fend off the disease, stay afloat.

And the rain comes down, drenching all those outside.

What was lost is found, where all our dreams abide.

When the master calls, there is nowhere to hide.

All who serve must decide.

Take a stand, and the band’s, satisfied. (Chorus )

Time, means nothing more than change. Loyalties can wait.

That’s why it’s not so strange, to finally separate.

From habits that arrange, our fate.

Well I hope, the fears that do abound, will leave us all alone.

So we can make a sound, a tantalizing tone.

The guilty all look down, cast the stone.


(Chorus ) (2 times)

Like a thief in the night, try to stay out-a-sight.

Out-a-sight, out-a-sight, out-a-sight.

With our ears turned away, we don’t hear what we say.

What we say, what we say, what we say.

On the earth we all roam, while our hearts wait at home.

Wait at home, wait at home, wait at home,

My friend.

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