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I’ve been livin’ alone for so long, can’t be true.

I’ve been livin’ alone in this house, here with you, look at me,

all the good times went to sea, in a boat, that won’t float,

who are we?


I’ve been takin’ a chance that I’ll live, along time.

I’ve been takin’ a chance that these words, all will rhyme,

every time, and I’ll sing them all just fine, what I say, anyway,

a waste of time.

I’ve been talkin’ a lot to a friend, one who cares.

I‘ve been thinkin’ about all the kindness that she shares,

and my pain, seems to vanish, with her name, it’s the same,

as the burden, that I bare.


I’ve been thinkin’ that it is no use, to resist.

I’ve been thinkin’ that back there at home, I’m not missed,

went to leave, gave the kids a, goodbye kiss, then I walked,

to the dock, clenched my fist.

Maybe it’s best that I stay home alone, do what’s right.

Maybe it’s right that my love stays unknown, one more night, for the sake, of not making a mistake, and what’s best,

for the rest, leave to fate.

All alone, for the sake of the kids.

All alone, my emotions well hid.

All alone, pondering all I shall miss.

All alone, starved for a loving kiss.

All alone, with the tears that I cry.

All alone, as my life passes by,

and I slowly die,

this is goodbye.

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