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56: 3.9


A student, the best in the class

Answer the question, why friendships don’t last.

Talkin’ about you, in front of your face

To hang with you would be a social disgrace.

A student working during class time

While the others are committing a crime.

Wisely using, their time they are not

Talkin’ bout the new, clothes that they bought.


A student doing homework till three

Not invited to another party

A student, what about that B  (Chorus )


A student to the classmates confer

Information copying off your paper.

Always wanting, help with homework

But any other time they treat you like dirt.

Using restrooms, for reasons you should

While everyone is at the mirror lookin’ good.

Getting to class, before the bell

Floating in a sea of hormonal smell.


(Chorus )


A student lives inside of a cloud

Down on earth you see the popular crowd.

Where they hope to be, considered cool

And there you have a typical high school.

Planning for, a future dream

As everyone is trying out for drill team.

Hanging out with, kids that are stoned

Is better than you eatin’, lunch all alone.


( Chorus )


And hey just what about that B anyway?

Now how do you expect to get into Harvard?

They took the car away, that’s another song.

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