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Oh hopes they do fly, right out the window then turn into a lie.

Wheels they ain't a turning, for your carburetor's bugged and your engine's a burnin'.

Your life, is two sides, one you can't show without the other you hide.

And the king, of learning, drops all his books the pages not worth turning.


And in the name of progress, if you don't know what you've got then you might take a guess.

So when their hands, your a shaken, don't look them in the eye or they'll know that you're taken,

Money, to fly, any old where just as long as it's high.

Not in heaven, if you were given, all but a third chance just to try out for livin'.


SOLO - 3 times E,C,A,G


And though it may seem, that endless nights carry flesh to the bone.

In the deepest sea of anxiety, I see through me, I see through me.

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